Why use Family Law Consultancy?

You need to be confident when you are paying for legal advice, that it’s the very best advice you can get.

Based in Norwich, the team looking after you at FLC specialises in family law services only, so we are masters of our trade. But you won’t just benefit from our legal expertise. We’ll help you through life’s challenges with warmth, understanding and integrity – because how you receive our advice is just as important as its quality – and we passionately believe in treating you as we would want to be treated.

The legal system can unfortunately be a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated, especially when you’re experiencing the trauma of family breakdown and perhaps having to cope with stressful and upsetting issues. Our staff are trained to deal with such issues with care and sensitivity. FLC’s experienced solicitors will give you straightforward and honest professional advice and our attentive and reassuring support staff will keep you informed as matters progress.

Whether you know what service you need, or you’re just not quite sure what to do next, take advantage of our free, no obligation, initial consultation to check us out before you commit to us. If you don’t like us or what we might cost, then we won’t be offended if you decide to go elsewhere. What really matters is that you have a lawyer you can trust.

If you put yourself in our capable hands, we will guide you through the options available and look at the best way forward for you, and you can choose from a variety of service options to suit your budget. We offer clear pricing and excellent value for money.

FLC is a vibrant and efficient modern practice and you can choose to contact us via online methods, by telephone, or at a good old face to face meeting. Either way, it’s good to talk, and start working on how we can help you to find the right solutions for you and your family. We’re on your side all the way.

The majority of our current clients are people we have helped in the past or have been recommended to us. We’d love to help you too.

Our Core Values

Being highly qualified to do the job is only part of what you need to look for when choosing a solicitor. In truth, most solicitors are competent. But are they right for you, and will they care about you and your case?

At FLC, our core values underpin everything we do and reflect the personality of our firm. We believe in:

Professionalism, Efficiency and Value for Money

We continually strive to deliver our services faster and more effectively than our competitors. Our fees are set at a competitive rate that allows us to do this, whilst maintaining the technical precision, high professional standards and close personal care and attention that distinguishes our firm from the raft of banks, supermarkets and other process driven legal service ‘factories’ that have emerged into the market.

We want you to feel that you have received value from us, which is why we invest in our staff and practice specifically in family law; to ensure that you receive exceptional, tailored advice and a top notch service. In turn, this enables us to maintain a sustainable business, providing local jobs and supporting the local economy.

Honest Endeavour and Ethical practice

We are wholehearted members of Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers committed to an ethical code of practice and working to reduce conflict in family justice. We also offer collaborative family law and a family mediation service – because it really does matter to us that you are able to choose the most workable process for you and your family.

Communication, Understanding, Trust and Respect

We want to build strong and enduring relationships based on trust and professionalism with everyone we deal with, including you, our staff and our suppliers and associates.

To achieve this, we must maintain good communication and do what we say we are going to do, when we say we will do it. We must be honest when something cannot be achieved and transparent in all our dealings. We must show sensitivity and understanding to those facing difficult circumstances, and at all times be courteous and respectful.

Teamwork and Job Satisfaction

Every member of our staff has a vital role to play in ensuring the smooth running of our business. We are caring employers who recognise that our staff are our greatest asset, and we support and encourage them to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We acknowledge the need for hard work and we know that what we do is a serious business. However, we believe that by creating an environment where staff can enjoy their work and each other’s company, we are more able to deliver an excellent service to you.

Giving back to the community

We want to get involved and be active in our local community. Our team enjoys coming to work and we take pride in giving something back, either through providing free advice at local advice agencies or through raising money and donating to charity whenever we can. The main charities we support are British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Children In Need. We support BHF in particular in memory of the founding principal of FLC, Brooks Simpson, who died tragically and without any warning at the age of just 36, after suffering an aneurism of the heart.

Enthusiasm, Positivity and Accountability

We want our team to be enthusiastic and positive, to use their initiative, grow ideas, and encourage each other to develop and succeed. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible outcome.

Equally, we will face constructive criticism head on and will not shrink from our responsibilities. We want to hear straight away if you or anyone we have dealings with has any concerns, and we’re happy to hear any suggestions as to how we might improve our service. We will deal with such issues promptly, effectively and with a positive attitude. We also greatly appreciate positive feedback and acknowledgement of a job well done.