This section relates to unmarried couples. For separation issues regarding married couples please see divorce, finances & property or children.

Separation from Partner

If your relationship with your partner has run into difficulties and separation seems the only way forward, we can help you resolve any complicated legal issues.

When unmarried couples separate they face the same painful experiences that a married couple face and have to address similar issues concerning the children, the home and other financial arrangements.

If you are unmarried, the most important thing to note is that there is no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’. If you live with someone and you separate, the general rule is that you have no legal rights against them or responsibilities towards them. The areas where there may be responsibility are property, if you have both made contributions to it, and any children that you may have together. These matters can be complex and Family Law Consultancy (FLC) is happy to lead you through them.

Family Law Consultancy offer specialist separation and family law advice in Norwich and the surrounding areas in Norfolk.

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