New Relationships

Moving in together is an exciting prospect but it does not give you the same rights as marriage or a civil partnership. It’s a good idea to review your future plans and to ensure that both parties are protected moving forwards. Based in Norwich, FLC can help you.

Cohabitation Agreements

Also known as Living Together Agreements, these set out how you will deal with financial issues as a couple. They may cover things such as how mortgage payments, rent or bills will be paid and how property and financial assets would be dealt with if you separated. Deciding these matters in a fair and objective way can help to provide security for both parties. You can make a co-habitation agreement at any point, including before you start living together.

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Pre Nuptial Agreements

A pre nuptial agreement is drafted before a marriage or civil partnership and covers what would happen if the relationship were to break down. The agreements are not legally binding but recent cases have shown that courts will take them into account if a separation does occur and therefore do offer peace of mind, particularly in cases where partners have different amounts of money or assets.

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