Finances & Property upon Divorce

Based in Norwich, Family Law Consultancy (FLC) will work with you to determine a fair and sensible division of the assets such as property and money.

Sorting out the finances and family home is perhaps the most daunting prospect of any divorce. The courts have a wide-ranging discretion when it comes to dividing up a married couple’s assets on divorce, and similarly on dissolution of a civil partnership.

The courts can make orders to sell, to transfer or charge property, for the payment of lump sums, for the sharing of pensions and for the making of maintenance payments. Generally, the CSA now deals with any child maintenance disputes but the courts can still make financial provision for children by way of school fees orders and lump sum provision in certain cases.

When negotiating a settlement, we look at the same factors as the courts, which include; both parties’ ages, the length of the relationship, the needs of any children involved, contributions during the marriage, and the financial position and requirements of both parties. Careful thought is given to the implications of any proposed sale or transfer of assets, particularly in relation to any corporate restructuring of the family business or tax repercussions.

Family Law Consultancy can help you to divide up the assets and liabilities fairly and agree a workable and realistic financial settlement. In this way, most couples do resolve their finances without going to a final court hearing. The agreed settlement, which will be on a ‘clean break’ basis wherever possible, is then usually made up into a court order that is binding and enforceable.

If it is not possible to resolve matters by negotiation, Family Law Consultancy can continue your case through the courts. Although going to court is generally more expensive than resolving matters through negotiation, there are advantages to the court procedure; structured timetables ensure that your case keeps moving forward, and full financial disclosure is enforced, which can be crucial if it has not been forthcoming beforehand.

Family Law Consultancy offer specialist divorce, separation and family law advice in Norwich and the surrounding areas in Norfolk.

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