Family Mediation Services for Norwich

Based in Norwich, FLC’s mediators will work with you to help resolve issues arising from separation and other family conflicts in a constructive and sensitive way.

Family Mediation can save stress, time and money, and provide the opportunity for you to reach an agreement that works for you, in a neutral and comfortable setting.

When family breakdown occurs, it is beneficial for both parties and any children involved, if communication can remain calm and constructive, but this can be difficult to achieve given the emotional impact that this type of situation will often have. The neutral presence and participation of an impartial family mediator can help bring conflicting family members to a mutual agreement or settlement.

The mediation process itself is voluntary and confidential. Its aim is to help with joint decision making, so as to avoid any need to go to court. It is a legally privileged process which means that anything said in mediation can’t be disclosed in any later court proceedings unless both parties agree.*

Our Family Mediators do not tell you what to do. They are there to help you reach your own agreements concerning all aspects of your separation or divorce, such as children, finances, property and so on. Freely negotiated agreements reached through effective mediation can help restore communication, understanding and trust, and lead to a much healthier long term outcome for all concerned, and most importantly, for any children.

FLC provide experienced and sensitive family mediation services to Norwich and the surrounding areas in Norfolk.

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*If there are very serious concerns about the welfare of children or adults, mediation may not be able to continue and we will normally encourage you to talk about your concerns to the appropriate agency such as social services or the police so that they can investigate. However, we have the final responsibility to make sure that appropriate action is taken to ensure the safety of children or others involved in the mediation process, and confidentiality may be overridden in these circumstances.