Domestic Violence

Everyone has the right to live without fear for their safety. Our solicitors are all highly experienced in dealing with domestic violence cases and will advise you of your rights and options in complete confidence and without pressure.

If you are subject to threatening behaviour, physical violence, verbal or emotional abuse, you have the right to report matters to the police, as such behaviour may constitute a criminal offence. If you are affected by domestic violence or abuse, please contact us as we can help.

We can assist you in obtaining an ‘injunction’ if necessary in order to keep you safe; ‘injunction’ is an umbrella term for Family Law injunction orders known as Non Molestation and Occupation Orders. The former is a court order preventing the other person from using or threatening violence against you, pestering or harassing you. The latter ensures that you can continue residing at, or get back into, your home, whilst excluding the perpetrator. Orders can be made to include protection for children if necessary.

Family Law Consultancy offer specialist law advice in Norwich and the surrounding areas in Norfolk.

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