So you think you can’t afford to get divorced? Well, you can now.

Family Law Consultancy is pleased to offer a Divorce Loans facility.

Divorce loans are available to clients* who do not have the income to fund their case during the currency of their case, but have sufficient capital, usually tied up in equity in the former family home, which can be released at the end of their case, to pay back their divorce loan.

Funding options, like divorce loans and or fixed fees, both of which * are offered by Family Law Consultancy have evolved due to the need to bridge the funding gap caused by the government cuts in legal aid for family law cases since April 2013 when legal aid funding for the majority of family law cases was removed from scope. 

Family Law Consultancy recognise that some people are now in the unfortunate position of wanting to get divorced, and deal with division of the marital assets, or for those people who are not married, separate from their partner, but cannot afford expert legal representation which, we believe is vital, if they are to achieve the best financial settlement in their case.   

Financial settlements endorsed by the court are in full and final settlement and therefore need to be dealt with by family law experts, as once the case is concluded it cannot, save in exceptional circumstances, be reopened, so with once chance only the financial settlement has to be the appropriate financial settlement and the way to achieve this is to have your case conducted by experts in the field.

Family law consultancy specialises solely in family law and boasts a wealth of family law expertise spanning almost a quarter of a century across its unrivalled and expert family law team, excelling in all areas of family law, in particular, matrimonial finances, disputes between parents concerning their children and interventions by the state seeking to remove children from their parents. 

Affording the best legal advice however, can be prohibitive.  A fully contested Divorce and related financial case, for example, can run into thousands of pounds and the majority of people do not have sufficient spare funds to meet such expenses and this is why your case at Family law consultancy can potentially be funded via a divorce loan* so that our clients can afford the best legal advice to achieve the best financial settlement in their case. 

A divorce loan does not need to be serviced during the currency of the case, so there are no monthly payments to worry about but the loan does need to be settled at the end of the case which generally means, selling the former family home and paying back the loan from the equity released upon sale **.  

Whilst selling the former family home is not always ideal, and in fact contrary to the courts approach historically, this might now be a typical outcome because without legal aid to fund family cases the funding options to secure expert legal advice and, as a result, achieve the appropriate financial settlements are limited.  

If you are in the position of needing to divorce or separate from your partner, and there are related financial matters to be resolved but you cannot afford to pay for expert legal advice from your income, and you cannot afford to service the monthly repayments of a standard commercial loan, then a Divorce loan might be your ideal solution ***. 

If you are attracted by the idea of securing the best legal advice from Family Law Consultancy’s unrivalled and expert family law team to achieve the best financial settlement in your case, and on a fixed fee basis, then call us for a free initial appointment.

*subject to status and a successful application

** Divorce loans must be paid back at the end of your case and in most circumstances will be repaid following the sale of the former family home

*** In offering the divorce loan facility*, Family Law Consultancy are not recommending the divorce loan facility is the best funding option for your case