Agreements & Deeds

Protecting your interests is vital. Whether you are getting married, living together or separating, Family Law Consultancy (FLC) can draft an appropriate legal agreement for you.


The Law treats unmarried couples differently to those who are married. Therefore, unmarried, cohabiting couples can benefit from having a legal cohabitation agreement (rather like a contract) which helps to provide certainty in relation to their financial and property arrangements. Matters relating to any children can also be addressed..

Separation Agreement

For married or unmarried couples, a Separation Agreement can be used to legally formalise the agreement that you and your former spouse/partner have reached on separation as to property, children or financial issues. This helps to provide certainty and avoid the expense of a dispute arising out of any misunderstanding.

Pre Nuptial Agreement

A pre-nuptial agreement provides, so far as possible, certainty for couples who plan to marry and wish to be clear about their respective future rights in relation to financial, property and children issues, should the marriage come to an end. It is suitable for both couples who are planning to marry and couples seeking to register their civil partnership.

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